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Canine Crosstraining: Achieving Excellence in Multiple Dog Sports

Ebook version is available here for $9.95!
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Gerianne shares her crosstraining secrets in her latest book, Canine Crosstraining: Achieving Excellence in Multiple Dog Sports. With this book, you will learn how to set up a training plan while effectively managing your dog's stress during both training and competition, how to properly set goals, and how to use economies of scale while training multiple dogs in multiple sports. Even if you only train in one canine sport, this book will help you turn your failures into success!

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Fear No More: Competing with Confidence

Ebook version is available here for $9.95!
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Barbara Cecil and Gerianne Darnell have teamed up again to produce the book they've been promising their readers for the last 4 years: Fear No More: Competing With Confidence.

Do you feel you are your dog's greatest asset in practice and his greatest liability in the ring?  Have you ever realized as you're leaving the ring that you were holding your breath the whole time?  Has anyone ever commented that you appear to be ill or in pain while you're showing?  In the ring, does your dog sometimes act as though he's never seen you before?  Do you obsess over your handling errors and your dog's performance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Fear No More: Competing With Confidence is just the book for you!  In 12 chapters and 208 pages, Fear No More covers every stress-buster and tension-reliever from Affirmations to Zen, including what you should eat, drink, smell and hear, potions and pills, relaxation exercises, proper breathing, a reintroduction to psycho-cybernetics, goal setting, 20 pages of "Quick Fixes" and much, much more!

Whatever your area of dog sports, with the information in Fear No More you can make competing with your dog the enjoyable experience you've always wanted it to be.

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  compobed.jpg (35000 bytes) Competitive Obedience Training for The Small Dog

Ebook version is available here for $9.95!
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Training a small dog is different! This book is the result of experimenting and improvising, making mistakes and learning from them. This book is written so you can do most, if not all, of the teaching and training yourself, only joining a class for the experience of working your dog with other trained dogs prior to competition. Topics include: can a small dog be competitive, puppy and pre-training, training plan and philosophy, equipment, heeling for handler and dog, sit, down, stay, recall, finish, stands, retrieve, jumps, signals, drop on recall, directed retrieve, scent discrimination, handling.

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Small Dog Training DVD's

Gerianne Darnell and Barbara Cecil have a combined 40 years of experience in the sport of dogs. Between them they have earned over 100 High-in-Trial awards and 127 titles on 18 different dogs in obedience, tracking, agility, and conformation. The Small Dog Training series is for every small dog owner training in obedience, the trainer working with a soft dog of any size, and every trainer eager to utilize the why and how of inducive training.

DVD I - Novice Small Dogs

Discusses training philosophy with small dogs. Teaches pre-heeling, puppy activities, attention, sit, down, stand, stays, recalls, fronts & finishes, and competition heeling. All training encourages fast and happy work. 81 minutes.

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DVD II - Open Small Dogs

Demonstrates all of the Open exercises. Teaches drop on recall, figure eight, high jump and broad jump. Presents both a motivational and minimum-force retrieve. You will also view several dogs being "shaped" to do a retrieve. 58 minutes.

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DVD III - Utility Small Dogs

Demonstrates all the Utility exercises. Teaches signals, scent articles, directed retrieve. Introduces a new system using cheese and booze to instill confidence in learning the scent articles, as well as a way to start even the youngest puppies on the directed retrieve. 55 minutes.

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